Good Videos on FATCA and related issues

I have no idea who put these on YouTube but they are pretty good. I know the first one was posted on January 3rd before I started posting here and has information that was not being commonly discussed at that time(IBS was just getting started although at the point Expat Forum, where I never posted but did read from was ongoing)


7 thoughts on “Good Videos on FATCA and related issues

  1. Perhaps a list of famous US dual citizens should be drawn up to highlight how FATCA effects everyone. Also if a famous person in your home country refuses to comply with FATCA, this is may help to raise it up the political agenda when it suddenly becomes “personal” to that individual.

    At the end of the day, if someone famous won’t comply, why should anyone else?

    We could start out with Boris Johnson (Mayor Lord of London – born in NYC), he supposedly renounced, but if he could at some point publish his CLN on the internet that would be interesting.

    Otherwise the HMRC will have to report his financial details to the IRS which I’m sure Boris would go through the roof over. The 2012 Summer Olympics are coming up, a good name to get into the press if he’s still a US citizen. He’ll also go ballistic when he finds out about all the bu**sh*t you have to go through to renounce.

  2. I visited these videos via YouTube when the links were posted yesterday. I like the videos. I was however stunned that, according to YouTube, I was visitor #13 to the first video. The video seems to have been out there for 2 months, and only had 13 visits (but over 300 as of today). I don’t understand the low number of visits when over 5 million folks globally are affected. Might it be an indication of “awareness”?

  3. Tim…

    Why don’t you just delete my comments with the videos embedded. I just wanted to get them showing until you were able to do so, so now that you have done it, you can trash me! LOL

    Thanks again for getting these showing, and this makes a good link to as a primer for those who don’t understand. They might be inclined to watch a video instead of reading text.

  4. @canadianpat

    Yea, the FATCA and Citizenship videos haven’t exactly gone viral! So, there is what we are up against. Unless you can get this into the pop cultural stream of consciousness, the rest of the world, including 5 million expats, just aren’t interested.

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