Ron Paul – “The border can be used to keep us in” – Politician or Prophet?

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“The Border Fence Can Be Used To Keep Us In” – September 7, 2011

Interestingly, he also talks about “capital controls”. FATCA – the new Berlin Wall – is a form of capital control.

This video generated many comments.  Most people think that Ron Paul is out of his mind? One comment said:

“Ron Prescience for president!”

In 2012, Amnesty International published a report which was very critical of the U.S. government. In her superb blog, Victoria in France, describes this as follows:

Amnesty International has published a scathing report concerning efforts to control immigration to the U.S.

It’s called Hostile Terrain:  Human Rights Violations in Immigration Enforcement in the American Southwest and it documents some of the worst horrors of a post-911 America.

She notes that:

“Failure to respect these conventions puts the United States government firmly in the camp of the “law breakers.”  If only a mere fraction of what Amnesty International is reporting is true, it makes a mockery of the idea that the U.S. is a bastion of freedom and a country respectful of laws.

For those who would prefer to ignore this or who think they are safe because they aren’t of Mexican origin or “illegal,”  I’d like to respectfully point out that all efforts against immigrants sooner or later trap citizens and documented immigrants as well.  It can be as simple as encountering major inconvenience trying to go about their daily lives (having to prove citizenship, produce papers, being hassled because of an accent by law enforcement) or it can be as bad as being detained and abused on the suspicion that one might just be in an “irregular situation.”  Amnesty cites 82 cases where U.S. citizens were incarcerated until they could clear up their status.”

Note the last sentence. Looks like Ron Paul is “Ron Prescience!”

A final thought:

 You might be interested to know that the Constitution of the United States does NOT include a right to either leave  or enter the United States. The constitutions of other countries do provide for such a right. For example, S. 6 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms reads as follows:

Mobility of citizens

6. (1) Every citizen of Canada has the right to enter, remain in and leave Canada.

The U.S. is enacting laws that burden the right of U.S. citizens to leave or enter the United States. For example a recent post at the Isaac Brock Society discussed the new issue of : NO Tax Compliance = No Passport. (

U.S. laws also require that a U.S. citizen must enter and leave the United States with a U.S. passport.

The Canadian Charter of Rights guarantees Canadian Citizens the  right to enter or to leave Canada. It is clear that the Government of the United States is taking steps to restrict the mobility rights of U.S. citizens. As scholars note, the U.S. constitution has lost its appeal to the rest of the world.

Is Ron Paul (to use the language of some people at the Isaac Brock Society) a “nutbar” or is he prophet?


6 thoughts on “Ron Paul – “The border can be used to keep us in” – Politician or Prophet?

  1. @renouncecitizenship- Ron Paul is exactly correct and no, he is neither a nutbar nor a prophet. Congressman Paul just has common sense and holds no illusions about the purity of government. In a time of Congressional madness, such as we are seeing now, any border fence will quickly change its function from keeping people out to keeping them in. Turning the guns around to face the other side of the fence isn’t hard to do.
    America’s establishment of “Homeland Security and the Partiot Act” are legislative feints on the road to the government controlling and monitoring the movements of its own citizentry. FATCA will assist the government with monitoring the movements of its citizens outside of the country. And yes FATCA is a form capital controls which may actually be more harmful to the world economy than it would be to have currency controls. The U.S. government’s willingness and ability to control and monitor the worldwide activities of its own citizens eclipses anything that was ever done under Communism.

  2. @recalcitrantexpat

    “The U.S. government’s willingness and ability to control and monitor the worldwide activities of its own citizens eclipses anything that was ever done under Communism.”

    Absolutely. In the Politburo’s wildest wet-dream fantasies they could never have imagined getting away with the what the U.S. is doing, and plans to do, to its own citizens. The fact that the average American remains so blissfully unaware and unconcerned about the very real erosions of their rights and freedoms is a testament to the power of a domestic propaganda machine light-years beyond Pravda in its effectiveness. At least most Soviet citizens knew better than to believe their country’s media, but Americans have no such healthy skepticism. Lambs ready for the slaughter.

  3. Speaking of Ron Paul, you might be interested in the Face the Nation interview today on CBS…

    Ron Paul: ‘I’m Trying To Save The Republican Party’

    Now if we can find on that is trying to save The Democratic Party too…

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