NYTs article – For Americans Abroad, Taxes Just Got More Complicated

Just another quick post to draw your attention to this April 15th article in the New York Times by David Jolly.

For Americans Abroad, Taxes Just Got More Complicated.

“It’s a monstrosity,” Steven R. Horton, whose tax practice in Paris advises American expatriates, said of the new demand from the U.S.Internal Revenue Service: Form 8938, the Statement of Specified Foreign Financial Assets. “It compels every taxpayer to try to find a way that they’re guilty of some kind of omission.”

David lives abroad, so these issues impact him too. You can follow David on Twitter @davjolly.


6 thoughts on “NYTs article – For Americans Abroad, Taxes Just Got More Complicated

  1. Wow – That’s the most accurate, informative and sympathetic US-based article on this subject that I’ve ever read! They should enable comments on it though 😦

  2. Just read.this. Only reinforced my commitment to hide. Find me. And then come and get me! My NDP MP Craig Scott will not let them fire a drone at me.

  3. Here’s another interesting article about the children of immigrants returning to their parent’s homeland to work and live. For me I left the US as an immigrant’s child as well –


    I’d like to believe we are the ones that see the US for what it is and turning into and have made the unpopular decision (from the Homelander’s point of view) and essentially voted with our feet. Homelanders who are 3 or 4 generations into the US can’t understand this thinking.

    If India and China (and others) are sucking back in their talent where is that going to leave the US with its current tax policies.

    The US has to grow up and allow people to “cut” their ties with the US and if they change their minds they’re welcomed back with no strings attached. The US doesn’t realise for the ones that leave and return they may be more loyal to the US than before they left (although in my case I can’t see that happening).

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