More FATCA awareness, this time in Jamaica


7 thoughts on “More FATCA awareness, this time in Jamaica

  1. This is an interesting point:

    The JNBS boss added that Fatca could have a significant impact on the wider economy in the form of flight of capital to countries where there are no requirements for compliance, or in a proliferation of illegal and unregistered financial providers,/B>.

    Looks to me like he’s noticed a problem which no one mentioned before: in emerging markets which have are just now beginning to move people out of the informal sector and away from cash payments, FATCA could raise the cost of bank access so much that these same people — non-Americans, all — end up going right back to the informal sector for all their financial needs.

  2. I don´t know what Brazilian Banks will do. But I am not afraid of FATCA because I send the FBARS every year with all my bank accounts, addresses, etc. I am not sure what is going to happen to Brazilian Green Carders in the USA. The ones I talk with did not know about FBARS and after they learn about it thay are scared to send them because of the crazy “possible” punishments… Incredible.

  3. Can anyone lend assistance with properly linking to this video? I just wanted to provide the link so that readers can follow to view it – not play it automatically. (And if you can fix that, you could also delete this post so it doesn’t just clutter things up!). Thanks!

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