Atossa “Tax time pushes Americans” article generates more than 6000 comments on Yahoo Finance

Amazing. Finally, “mainlanders” are being exposed to this issue. Interestingly, a large number seem to be sympathetic. Very interesting to see the comments of “mainstream America”. This article motivated 6000 people to say something. It’s clear that the U.S. government is not popular even in the U.S. This is a good opportunity to get some comments into the stream.




7 thoughts on “Atossa “Tax time pushes Americans” article generates more than 6000 comments on Yahoo Finance

  1. Why is this particular article so popular? I don’t get why an article on the New York Times or Financial Times only get around 30-50 comments, but then something on Yahoo gets thousands?

    Anyway, I also was shocked at how supportive the comments were. I guess that the usual suspects (you know, the “don’t let the door hit you on the way out” types) don’t use Yahoo!

    Good find

  2. @Don Pomodoro — most of these news sites require you to log in to leave comments, and they don’t use a “federated login” (letting you use an account from some other site like Twitter or WordPress). If you don’t have an account on their specific little site, you’d have to sign up.

    This is where Yahoo has a huge advantage. Hundreds of millions of people have Yahoo logins already, for their e-mail accounts. By comparison the number of NYT accounts is probably less than 1% of that number. Also I think the NYT censors a lot of the one-line comments, whereas Yahoo doesn’t bother.

  3. Wow, I’m really impressed with the traction Atossa’s story is getting. I’m also heartened by the large number of people who appear to “get it” and who are shutting-down the neanderthals. Maybe there is hope…

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