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I was just at the above link, where Steven Mopsick’s comment was, and I could not find any of the comments that had been left. Thinking that maybe there was an error with the page loading I refreshed my screen several times but they never appeared. Does anyone know what could be the reason? Does anyone possibly know whether the comments were still up yesterday? Is there a policy on the length of time that comments are displayed?


7 thoughts on “Missing Comments

  1. Censorship once again rearing its ugly head? Or, is it NYT policy — if so, why?

    At the least, interesting that the comments which one would think should be part of a public news article magically disappear from sight.

  2. I think they’re just having technical difficulties. Other NYT blog posts don’t seem to be showing any comments either. When you load an NYT page it delays loading the comments until you scroll down to the bottom of the page. I can see it making the XMLHttpRequest to get the comments, but their web server doesn’t respond after that. If they actually wanted to censor all the comments they would have done it more cleanly than this.

  3. I see 50 comments as well – It was probably just a technical problem like everyone else said!

  4. I just checked and can also confirm it is back.

    Just a technical glitch. I run into these types of things all the time with many of the comments I make. Sometimes the comment doesn’t take, and you wonder if you are getting censor or moderated, but don’t know. Sometimes I can’t find it again, and then it is back. Queries to the administrators have discovered just errors or big delay in server response. So, I wouldn’t worry about any conspiracies. :)_

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