Technical Schmectnical – Ridiculous Border Issue

I suppose no one should be surprised but this story of the US Border Patrol is enough to infuriate. Harrassment, pure and simple.

In advance of the awarding of the annual $25,000 Shaughnessy Cohen Prize for Political Writing, tonight at the Politics and the Pen Gala in Ottawa, Huffington Post Canada will be running excerpts from the five finalists.  Jacques Poitras‘ book is about “the first boundary between Canada and the U.S., [which] was drawn between Maine and New Brunswick and it has served as a microcosm for relations between the two nations ever since. For centuries, friends, lovers, and smugglers reached across the line to one another, but now, post 9/11, political and security concerns have begun to isolate friendly neighbours from one another. Colourful community eccentricities — driveways that straddle an international border — have been transformed by new restrictions.”

FOR A MILE and a half, Russell Road follows the border almost perfectly: the eastern shoulder of the road is in Canada and the western shoulder is in the United States. This did not pose particular challenges to the residents of the road until January of 2003. Marion Pedersen was driving to the large white farmhouse she had shared with her husband Nickolaj for 53 years, the only home on the Canadian side of the road, when she was stopped by the U.S. Border Patrol right in front of her driveway. Continue reading.



3 thoughts on “Technical Schmectnical – Ridiculous Border Issue

  1. Well, I think this clearly portends the future. The US Border Patrol would love to be told to hassle people at their border regarding taxes (or anything else.) Reed Amendment re-interpretation and enforcement clearly lies in the future for ex US persons.

  2. Please name any country that succeeded long term by striking fear over taxes into travellers wanting to cross the border?

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