Thank you and congratulations to Mr. Steven Mopsick – He is now part of ACA Tax Advisory Panel





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  1. @Steven, the calvary is coming!!! Thank you Steven for joining the ACA’s Advisory Panel. Millions of expat U.S. citizens will benefit from your wisdom and reasoned approach to this issue. We could have asked for no better friend than the one we have found in you.

  2. Cheers! and Cheers! and more Cheers!

    Give em hell, Steven!

    Seriously, your willingness to listen, to understand our plight has touched us so very deeply. We have come to value you, trust you, and most of all, to thank you for your sympathetic heart…….

  3. @Steven
    Thank you for all you have done to help those of us posting on Isaac Brock Society. I know your words have often helped me. So congratulations, Steven.

  4. @Steven,

    Thanks for all you and other professionals contribute to this debate. We appreciate having you all on our side and your points of view, hanging in there with us. We’re glad you’ll bring your expertise and ability to really listen to us to the ACA Tax Advisory Panel.

    My utmost respect for what you are taking on.

  5. @Steven
    Thanks and blessings to you for stepping up to the plate!

    “My country is the world, and my religion is to do good.” ~Thomas Paine

  6. Steven,

    My thoughts are with you and your family in your time of trial.

    Please accept my condolences and deepest sympathy.



    Where should I send the flowers?

  7. Thank you very much Steven – for being part of the Advisory Panel. We need and appreciate your help, and your knowledge of the impact this is having on so many ordinary people’s lives. Too bad we can’t total up a figure of the physical, mental and financial toll that we have already paid – some people only understand when it is expressed in US dollars.

  8. @Steve…

    Well, well. Glad it is official. You came to Isaac Brock, and engaged in active debate and didn’t dismiss us all as Ethernet ‘radicals’. You almost gave up on us at times with the push back you received, especially Petros (LOL) but you showed a willingness to be open and listen and hang in there with us. Our respect for you grew. Thanks for continuing to contribute, and helping fight back against the harm U.S. Citizenship tax policies and IRS offshore jihad is doing to an ‘unintended’ target. (at least I still want to believe it was unintended.) You will be a great asset for ACA.

    Cheers, and all the best.

  9. Just me,

    Although I admire your optimism, I have a different opinion. The Stamp Act and all the other Coercive Acts was intentional from the Brits.

    Citizenship-based taxation and FATCA are intentional from the Yanks.

    Both had expats in their cross hairs. And both will force productive citizens abroad to take a hike.

  10. @Ben Franklin…

    Optimistic??? LOL Hardly that! I guess I must be balanced as Tim thinks I am pessimistic!

    I like to think I am a realist, but whatever I am, I am trying my best to oppose the stupid policies and actions of our Congress and the IRS (intentional or not) and hopefully avoid ‘echo chamber’ biases.
    I do NOT think the IRS OVDI jihad started with an intentional Expat focus, but as it evolved, I do agree that it has one now.

    @Roger… Right you are about a tough struggle! You and a few lonely compatriots have been at for 30 years trying to get America’s attention, and now it is on us to help you out. Thanks to you too, for your contribution to our learning and efforts.

  11. @Steven

    Thanks so much for your contributions here. In the best spirit of meaningful debate you have challenged others to re-examine their assumptions and to clarify their own positions. At the same time, we have been priveleged to witness your own personal evolution as you gained much more insight into the human dimension of our situations and concluded that the these injustices cannot stand.

    Thank you for accepting ACA’s invitation and for taking on this important role. I wish you all the best and look forward to following your efforts. I hope that you will still have enough time to check-in on Isaac Brock every once in a while – you’re always welcome here.

  12. @All: I am really humbled by all of your praise and encouragement. Thank You! I believe citizenship-based taxation is fundamentally unfair and that injustice cannot be more clearly put into focus than by pointing to its impact on the American Community living abroad. I am convinced that in the months ahead with powerful voices like the Isaac Brock Society, Democrats Abroad, and American Citizens Abroad we can articulate a message to Congress and the executive branch that says, exacting a 27.5% tribute as the price to remain in good standing with the tax man is just plain dumb!
    As an attorney licensed to practice before the Treasury Department I am duty bound to uphold the law and advise those who seek my counsel to do the same, but I cannot remain silent in the face of an injustice which simply cannot be ignored.
    Americans should not be driven to renouncing their citizenship because of a mechanical and literal application of a law which could never have been intended to apply to hard working people who are simply minding their own business and are not trying to get away with anything.
    There is a way to get this message heard and it doesn’t have to involve a small fortune in legal and accounting fees and a three-year time commitment of anxiety, grief and fear of total economic loss.

  13. @Steven
    I hope many more will soon also be able to see the light 🙂
    Just try to replace “The Band” with “Ban Citizenship based Taxation” in the following video 😉

    Please excuse the subtitles, it was not my willfull intention to have them. I hope it gets shown directly on this page.

    We all should be on a mission to end Citizenship Based Taxation!

  14. @All
    Sorry that this is off topic, but after finding the video above I also came across this one and I just HAD to post it here 😉
    I picture Nina Olsen as the Nun and Schulman and Geithner as to two gentlemen in black 🙂
    Plus, I aslo wanted to see if I can get videos to play here directly.
    Again, sorry for being off topic.

  15. @Just Me
    Exactly ! I used to be able to copy and paste the link, but for some odd reason that doesn’t work foe me anymore 😦

  16. @Uncle Tell..

    The way you get that to work is this…

    Go to the video you want on Youtube, you will see a Share button. Hit that, and then you will get a link to use….

    Cntl C to Copy, and then Cntl V to paste in the text box. Always leave a spare line between your text and the link you are going to paste, and then you will have it… 🙂

  17. @JustMe
    Thanx, I’ll try that next time. I just can’t figure which of the two in the above video is Schulman and which is Geithner. 😀

  18. @Petros
    Sorry for misusing this thread. I in no way wanted to distract from the main post of congratulating Steven. Please feel free to either delete or move my posts to a more appropriate thread.
    Again my congrats to Steven !!!

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