US taxman’s long Arm Threatens Costly Kiwi Headaches

This isn’t much, but it is the first popular media story on FATCA that I have seen in NZ. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any opportunity for Kiwis to provide comment feedback. I have sent an email to the Editor to see if contact with the journalist is possible, and see if additional news reporting is in the offing. They have barely cracked a window open on the story, but as I found out when I did a search for FATCA on the Seattle Times today, there was nothing there either!  So maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on my Kiwi friends. They now know more than Seattlites do!  Thanks to Moby for drawing my attention to it.


One thought on “US taxman’s long Arm Threatens Costly Kiwi Headaches

  1. Glad to see at least that they are complaining about the provisions. I didn’t hear a wisp out of Italy, Germany or France before they joined onboard.

    I’m starting to realise though that there is no way that FATCA will be in place by January of next year when only 5 countries have so far accepted it. All it takes is for one country that has little to no US links and can afford to become a “FATCA free zone” to break the point of the whole system. Where will this be though I wonder…

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