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The Isaac Brock Society has received numerous spam messages of this variety in our comment stream:

Rita Jaffey:  By June 30th I have to make a decision about the FBAR. Still trying to figure out what the best choice is.

Jeneva Benafield:  I’m waiting until June 30th to come up with an FBAR decision. Maybe I’ll just stay an ex-pat.

Priscilla Outhouse:  I’m waiting until June 30th to make an FBAR decision. Maybe I’ll just stay an ex-pat.

The website for these messages is  We invite the owner of this domain to come here and explain, if possible, why these “people” (eight different messages by eight different names, but only five unique IP addresses), who have sent these messages, would do this.  I suspect it is an attempt to drum up business here at the Isaac Brock Society.   Caveat emptor.


8 thoughts on “Spam messages linking to

  1. No worries. I cleaned up the link for you.

    That street view picture is quite hilarious. From the website you’d think it was a prestigious law firm.

  2. Yes, well the guy is a pretty good internet marketer. Getting clients into OVDI is a good deal for a lawyer. It will go for a long long time.

    He certainly advertises the existence of OVDI. The IRS must love him. One should think long and hard before going into OVDI. Would be interesting to see how IRS Medic actually helps with the analysis.

  3. One post I wrote got an IRSMedic comment; the IP traced to Phoenix, AZ. (I can’t see the other IPs, only the ones on posts I wrote). That’s a bit far from Wallyworld, CT, and the IP doesn’t seem to be a TOR node or public proxy. Maybe it’s a competitor trying to run a smear campaign. Maybe he’s so sophisticated in his spamming that he’s set up a VPS to run an automated spambot. Or maybe he got his aunt in Phoenix to spam us for him.

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