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Global Hang Outs on air is a new offering from Google that caught my attention tonight. It got me thinking about the possibilities of reaching a global audience in other ways then just waiting for the MSM.  I am just digesting what it means, how it works, and if  Isaac Brock could in someway utilize this type of tool. I do recognize that there are  many of us who sort of hide behind our aliases. Given the uncertainties of our dealing with the IRS over citizenship issues it is probably understandable. It might be something better suited for an organization like American Citizens Abroad. That said, I wanted to do a short post to draw your attention to it, and get the creative juices churning.    Things you can do…

Broadcast publicly. By checking “Enable Hangouts On Air,” you can broadcast your live hangout — from the Google+ stream, your YouTube channel or your website — to the entire world.

See how many viewers you’ve  got. During your broadcast, you can look inside the hangout to see how many people are watching live.

Record and re-share. Once you’re off the air, we’ll upload a public recording to your YouTube channel, and to your original Google+ post. This way it’s easy to share and discuss your broadcast after it’s over.

Anyway, just something different to consider.


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  1. @justme, I like the idea of organizing a rally, even suggested it to our fearless leader. Awareness rallies in every major city in Canada and select ones around the world on say, July 4th?

  2. @bubblebustin…

    I kinda expect that this won’t have much appeal for folks here, for many reasons. Yours being one. It might be appropriate as an educational outreach tool for organizations like ACA. Again, it was late, and I am always interested in new Media and what is changing the landscape, and so I posted it for passing interest.

    This may or may not fit into any communication model for Expats. I never was into social media, and I am one that doesn’t do Facebook. Never, have posted a Youtube video, and thought twittering was for twits, and yet I have now done over 1600 tweets now. Admittedly, with little impact.

    But like Skype which I have been using for 5 years, it was easy to do and I thought, why not try to get something into the stream of consciousness. Someone who already does Facebook might find something about this tool attractive or easy for them, so I put it up. I am always thinking what might be something else that we can do. This may not be it. Probably isn’t it. Just trying to stir some additional ideas!

  3. @justme, Facebook would work well for those who don’t mind revealing who they are, as most use their real names (as Whoaitsteve and I have both done on Brock’s Fb).
    I have noted that you are a painter. How are your cartooning skills?( I would love to see one of an expat walking on shifting sands over a mine field in an earthquake zone being chased by zombies waving American flags-if that could be achieved, lol)

  4. Less than two months until 4th of July. Here’s a possibility. Moderate shamelessness required. But far less than that being exercised by the United States in Canada.

    Target the few consulates in Canada where we might reasonably expect at least half a dozen to a dozen to be on board. Put together and distribute a press release and backgrounder through Brock and have paper copies for sidewalk distribution. Signs could also be agreed on.

    Set time as high noon, say 11:30 to 12:30, which would allow downtown workers to use lunch hour. Everybody show up wearing a big paper bag over their head, or equivalent, maintaining anonymity (this is legal in Canada) throughout, and make it graphic that United States abuse leaves many Canadian residents in a state of fear.

    USxCanada would have no hesitation to show up for this one. Perhaps Petros and any others out from under cover could also deal with media “on record.” This could grab big attention.

  5. Let’s give it 24 hours and see what kind of signup interest gets expressed, and perhaps where. It’s hard to believe that this couldn’t fly at least in Toronto and Vancouver. If Petros is willing to stand forefront, he might want substantial input into wording. It sounds like Arrow may have some useful relevant experience. Suspicions that other Brockers do as well. People who want to maintain general location anonymity could communicate to Petros by email.

  6. @usxcanada, I don’t think that Petros would, as I sent him an email May 2nd on this exact subject and he said he’s not against it, but can’t actively organize or pursue it either. It could, however be promoted at Isaac Brock. So it could deserve its own post.

  7. @bubblebustin I paint houses, not cartoons! No skill set there at all, sadly. Cartoons can be an effective medium. I was once involved in a “subversive” campaign in Alaska to stop a big government loan to a competitor that was about to be funded silently due to political considerations. A few well done Cartoons were very effective at harpooning the effort.

  8. @justme, I was going to ask you if it was houses or paintings, but I fell into the trap of assuming what many Americans think: I envisioned you intently painting away on your canvas on easel, a portrait of your yacht moored outside your estate, Bentley in the driveway next to the paddock where your racehorse is grazing…your life typical of the American living abroad, sigh.

  9. @bubblebustin.. I have a 30 year old 10 ft Avon dinghy. Does that count. That is all that is left from the yacht!

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