US Immigration to make an important, money-saving announcement

Fellow Isaac Brocker, Blaze has heard the following:

To help save the economy, the U.S. Government will announce next month that the Immigration Department will start deporting seniors instead of illegal’s in order to lower Social Security and Medicare costs.

Older people are easier to catch and will not remember how to get back home.

She noted that the US is kicking out all the Grandmas on the bus so they can seize their life savings because they didn’t know they had to file FBARs before they were deported.


41 thoughts on “US Immigration to make an important, money-saving announcement

  1. Ah ha, that explains the recent up-tick in recruitment for “Raging Grannies.”

  2. @calgary411- Last month I happened to be watching Brian William’s show, Rock Center, where one of the segments was on an elderly Polish woman who was no longer capable of living on her own and was staying in a hospital.
    The hosptial couldn’t afford to take care of her anymore so they went to the court and successfully applied to have her moved back to Poland, where they had found a hospital that was willing to take her.

  3. So is this something that they’re planning to do, or something that they’ve already implemented? It’s actually a pretty good idea. If you have budget deficit there are two ways to deal with it: (1) New revenue — i.e., go after expats; (2) reduce costs — i.e., deport grandma. The two are similar in that neither can really defend themselves much.

  4. @recalcitrant, thanks for your comment.

    I remember reading that, and now this post is more relevant!

  5. The US doesn’t reallise that its high cost medical system does “export” some retirees back to their home countries. On my travels in Europe I’ve run into foreign born Americans who have return to their home country because of the cost of the American health care system even though they’re can get Medicare etc.

    It seems to me the US is happy to allow that group of people to leave, saving the US money, and then on the other hand they want to tax them. It doesn’t make sense.

  6. This seems a lot like the programs the British put in place to send convicts abroad, and those in debtors prisons, and at one time contemplated (I don’t remember what came of it?) sending ‘surplus’ gently born but impoverished women (Victorian era?) abroad because they felt that there was a surplus of unmarriageables that would ‘destabilize’ English society. Maybe if we could convince the US that we are undesirables, they would let us expatriate permanently at no cost?

  7. @john- of course it doesn’t make sense. None of it makes sense. The U.S. tax system defies common sense on any kind of level. It is an ill conceived system of expropriation that the put together as they go along.
    The one guiding princple that exists is: what can I do that will get me votes? There is no rationality or justice only extortion.

  8. Save moiney on Medicare, yes. But not on Social Security. Social Security pensions are payable regardless of where the retiree lives and independent of their citizenship. Medicare benefits are only available within the US.

  9. @rogerconklin- it seems like a reasonable way for the U.S. to save itself some money. S.S. is a quantifiable fixed liability whose costs can for predicted and controlled more easily than can the costs of Medicare.

  10. Well Blaze certainly came out flaming and blaming with this one. Then she used her infamous sword to tickle our funny bones. Loved it! 🙂 Trouble is, there is so much insanity associated with the US gov’t these days one could almost believe this to be true. 😦

  11. Well, what is next ?
    I better be carefull if I cross the border again. They just might request my canadian paid artificial hip, knees and what other metal I have in me ?

  12. @bubblebustin, ever since I read your proposal, I’ve been thinking about it. I guess what it comes down to, is that, as a Canadian, if I was going to protest, or rally, I feel it should somehow be a rally to force my govt to protect me, my finances and my privacy. It would be on July 1 – Canada Day, not July 4, and it wouldn’t be at a US consulate. If you were successful in organizing this, and there was one in Calgary, I could see myself perhaps showing up in support and solidarity, but it would also mean taking a full day off work to do so, since I get July 1 off, not July 4…. Spiritually, I am in support, practically, not sure how feasible it is for me, personally.

  13. @outragedcanadian, hmmm, I suppose for the time being our rallying will remain here at Isaac Brock Society. I think that there will be some major developments soon, but that’s only a gut feeling.

  14. @bubblebustin
    Let me know what I can do to assist with any rally. I have experience from many years ago.
    When I was a University of Toronto student, the ‘Bay of Pigs’ occurred. The U.S. consulate in Toronto was being picketed. One of my profs gathered together a large group of his “american-born” students to picket the pickets.
    Also, while at U.of T., Honest Ed’s Warehouse on Spadina was holding a “Pink Elephant Sale”. They actually had a baby elephant, spray painted pink tied up outside on the sidewalk. I was one of quite a few students, paid, to walk up and down with picket signs objecting to the cruel treatment of the elephant.
    It is many, many years past, but I would be more than happy to join a rally. I’ll keep both July 1st and July 4th open.

  15. @petros
    Come to think of it, anyone with gold filings, is this an asset and if so, on what line on form TD F 90-22.1 should it be written ?

  16. @tiger, thank you! Let’s see if we can generate any momentum. So many are still are confused and not knowing whether to remain anonymous (laudable as a self preservation move, of course)

  17. @calgary411, @ saddened123 and @all. I liked the bus ride and the comments.
    To all those concerned, have a nice mother’s day.

  18. Greenwood wrote: “@petros Come to think of it, anyone with gold filings, is this an asset and if so, on what line on form TD F 90-22.1 should it be written ?”

    The official policy of the current leader of the financial world, the all-powerful Bernank, maintains that gold isn’t money. So obviously, if isn’t money, it is not a financial account. It is just a commodity like spam.

  19. Some links on the fun-filled world of gold and all the differences between FBAR and Form 8938. FinCEN issued new regulations on this back in February 2011 which made matters even murkier.

    I’m sure Carl Levin would argue that if you have a dentist do any work on your gold fillings, it creates a bailment, and that makes the dentist a financial institution, and if there’s no FFI agreement he has to withhold 30% of your teeth, and also you should go into the OVDI and they’ll take another 27.5% of your teeth. Hope you don’t mind eating lunch through a straw.

  20. @Bubblebustin, these items may not be included as yet, but when it comes to calculating the exit tax if you are over the minimum threshold that requires you pay it in order to renounce your US citizenship, then you can bet your bottom Loonie the market value of these assets on the day before you renounce is included, and you must pay an exit tax on the appreciated value increse from the day you acquired them, and be able to substantiate these values with appraisals that meet the IRS qualification requirements. And that includes your granmother’s diamond wedding ring you inherited 75 years ago.

  21. @All,

    Happy Mother’s Day to Mothers and all who have or hold special memories of their mothers. Hope everyone takes time to enjoy the day.

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