From the Soldiers’ Tower at the University of Toronto

To the glorious memory
Of members of this university
Who fell in the Great War
Take these men for your ensamples
Like them remember that prosperity can be only for the free
That freedom is the sure possession of those alone
Who have the courage to defend it

Yesterday evening, I took the photograph of the above inscription.  Below these words follows hundreds of names, patriots who died in the two World Wars, defending Canada and freedom.

Perhaps those who think that I committed treason for relinquishing my citizenship should know that Canadian patriots died fighting on the same side as the United States.  Canadians have made very significant sacrifices in the two world wars, Korea, and Afghanistan, as allies of the United States. When I became a Canadian, I understood that I was going to share in this proud heritage.  As far as I could tell when I expatriated, the United States and Canada were still friends and allies. It may have been treason if I had become of a citizen of a country which was at war with the United States at the time I relinquished my citizenship. But it is unbelievably stupid to call someone a traitor who becomes a citizen of nation which is a friend and an ally.


11 thoughts on “From the Soldiers’ Tower at the University of Toronto

  1. @Petros, You are not a traitor but a true patriot in my humble opinion, and don’t let anyone ever try to convince you otherwise.

    May your tribe increase!

  2. @ Roger Thanks. Don’t worry. I don’t take offense. But it is troubling to see the mob wanting to destroy a peace that took 200 years to establish.

    Yesterday, Tim’s comment was spot on. He asked whether the certain belligerent commenter would advocate going to war against Canada for not allowing the United States to collect FBAR penalties within the borders of Canada.

  3. Darn, Petros, I know you say you don’t take offense, but on the other hand, you felt the need to post something like this. Please know that we know you are absolutely no traitor, and you are taking the harder path by coming out in the open. I value your spirit, your fight, and your contribution. You’re holding a mirror up, and not everyone likes what they see reflected there. But for me, I truly do not know where, how or what I would be if I had not found this site in my hour of need. Thank you!

  4. ‘Treason’ is a word that gets thrown around carelessly. At the end of the day it’s a criminal offence, just like arson or armed robbery, and the statutes of both Canada and the United States define it carefully. It doesn’t mean whatever somebody wants it to mean just because they feel indignant.

  5. @petros – you’re not a traitor, it’s the US populous who turns their backs on ex-pats who are the traitors.

    Excuse me but the US Constitution never mentioned it’s a crime to be born in the US, emigrate, then later on taking on another citizenship which leads to renouncing US citizenship as treason. It’s the US’s problem. The US government is creating the incentive to renounce. Who else could it be?

    Americans can’t accept people come and go in the year 2012. Demonising them isn’t the answer. “Emigration” is a word the US should get used to in future, the people flow will go both ways in future for the US not only towards.

  6. @Petros

    To join in the chorus praising you, here is a comment from the Lewis article:

    “Mr Lewis your entire article is moronic.

    I believe that Ben Franklin and Abraham Lincoln said it best.

    “Where liberty dwells, there is my country.” – Benjamin Franklin

    “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” – Abraham Lincoln

    American is a state of mind and exists only in people with the desire to be truly free. America is where are hearts and mind feel free not where politicians tell us we are free. Americans have much less liberty now than ever before. Our forfathers left their countries to be free now Americans are doing the same and you are accusing them of being unpatriotic. You are ignorant … and dangerous and contribute to the destruction of the USA.”

    As I have written before, there are circumstances under which renouncing U.S. citizenship is the most patriot thing once can do.

    That said, you are not going to get the “Homelanders” to “agree”. But, why should you care? They only thing that the “Homelanders” understand about “Patriots” is “The New England Patriots”.

  7. outraged wrote: “Darn, Petros, I know you say you don’t take offense, but on the other hand, you felt the need to post something like this.”

    Well, it’s like this. I was standing there in front of the Soldiers’ Tower reading the comments at McClatchy and then went to look at the inscription, and it was a visible reminder of the cost of freedom, paid for in the Canadian blood. I am grateful for this country’s heritage, and for the stance it has taken to protect me and my wife against the extra-territorial reach of the United States.

    I guess you’re right. I take offense, but I really don’t think that those trolls are even worth the time of day. I am not sure even that they are sentient life forms. However, their accusations, their stupidity must not be left unanswered.

  8. @Petros,

    Foxyladyhawk has just posted something I think exemplifies what you are doing.

    Don’t EVER listen to ANYONE who calls you a traitor or thinks you are treasonous. What you have done for so many with this site is bold, courageous and unselfish.

    Thanks for all the heart and soul you’ve put into this for all of us. I’m sad you are a target. I’m disheartened by the words of those who target you.

  9. Hi Calgary: I am prepared to take up arms to defend my country from all enemies foreign and domestic. If that enemy happens to be an American, I will not fail to do my duty and keep my pledge to my Queen. Is that treason? Well, I’ve said it before, I’ve gone native.

    In other words, I don’t give a hoot whether Americans say I’m a traitor. That doesn’t matter to me anymore. All that matters is the pledge I made to the Queen and my duty before God.

  10. @petros, as far as I am concerned the traitors are the members of the US Congress who introduce, sponsor and enact tax laws which destroy the universal human right of US citizens by denying them this right to freely leave the US to live and work elsewhere and thus force persons like yourself to renounce your US citizenship in order to survive if you exercise this right.

  11. @A broken man on a Halifax pier, “‘Treason’ is a word that gets thrown around carelessly”. With America’s innovations with the English language, “treason” may actually be a contraction of “tax-reason”. T’reason.

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