38 thoughts on “Al Lewis — Welcome to the Isaac Brock Hall of Fame

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  2. From shame to fame – welcome, Al. Behind this story is another story – the fact that our ongoing efforts to inform, correct and clarify MSM reporting can indeed have a real, positive effect. It encourages me to see reporters taking the time to learn more about our realities and, especially, having the courage to publicly change their positions when they realize they were wrong. Bravo to both Petros and Al!

  3. This is really a positive development, which re-enforces my opinion that measured and constructive comments back to Journalists, be it on their blog, by email and twitter can have a positive effect to change misguided perceptions. This should encourage us all to keep it up! I stress “measured.” Flattery not Flaming is the best strategy to get due re-consideration. This encourages me to do a few more tweets, emails and comments today…

    Good work Petros! Well done, indeed.

  4. The article is spot on Petros. I think with US banks kicking up a stink about FATCA reporting and more articles like this it may get more known in the US. How about 60 Minutes next? Or a least the ACA or someone do a Youtube video.

    My simple video “FATCA Overreach” is #2 which took only a few hours to put together. Not hugh numbers at 688 views, but it has beaten those greedy accountants putting together “IRS fear” videos by professional companies.

    (It’s been listed on IBS before).

  5. @Petros – great work! Thank you. And, Al, if you’re reading this, thanks for taking the time to learn the other side of the story and publishing it. You give me hope that some of the others who initially published flaming articles will see the error of their ways!

  6. Wow. This is one of the best articles so far. It would be great if he would do a follow up on FATCA specifically.

    Now, Petros, we all know what the real Peter Dunn looks like–without the cat!

  7. @Petros
    Thank you Petros for your continuing ‘battle’ to publish the other side of the story. And thank you to Al for listening to that other side.

  8. I’m really glad that Al chose to do the right thing and write about the other side, larger portion of people being affected by this.

  9. In a reply to bubblebustin a person called BringTheUnionsBack implies “fibbing” without realizing that bubblebustin was treated as a permanent resident of Canada and thereby NOT subject to Canadian capital gains tax when her principal residence was sold. Sorry I can’t put this person straight myself (I don’t want to register there) but I hope someone else will.
    Direct from CRA …
    When you sell your home, you may realize a capital gain. If the property was your principal residence for every year you owned it, you do not have to report the sale on your income tax and benefit return.

  10. Em @ John
    I gave your video another view. Thanks for putting that together. One small thing … I would have called it Bin Laden’s alleged second demise because that corpse was definitely a no show.

  11. @Em, thanks. I more or less told Mr ready, shoot, aim this in a response to his comment. He seems like the studious type, let him do the research and see what he come up with.

  12. @ bubblebustin
    Aha! Found your reply to Mr. RSF — good one! I hate it when people go off half cocked like that and have the nerve use the 4 letter “f” word (i.e. FIBS). 😉

  13. @Petros This is really great. I am glad that Al Lewis agreed to hear our side of the story. It would be good if we could get follow up articles in the mainstream press every couple of weeks or so.

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  15. @ Petros
    You are doing a terrific job in the comments section but I fear for your health having to deal with the likes of BringTheUnionsBack. How do you keep your blood pressure down or are you a naturally mellow fellow with no worries there? At any rate I still fear for your sanity trying to inject some reason into some of those dunderbutts.

  16. @em, thanks that bugs me too. And they really should make people pass a quiz that proves that they have actually read the article! I try to read all the comments before positing my own but sometimes there are just too many and coming so fast that you can never catch up!

  17. @ Petros

    Bravo to you and three cheers for Al Lewis!

    @ Al Lewis (if you’re reading this)

    American ex-pats are following in the footsteps of the nation’s founders.

    1,788 is just the beginning.

    Watch this space!

  18. Peter, you get better with each viewing! You’re our Superstar and we’re forever grateful! No bear hugs this time, just a warm and sincere thank-you!

  19. @ Peter

    Thank you for locking horns with Al Lewis!

    I suspected he might come around after seeing he published your comments along with comments of other Brockers on his “Tell it to Al” blog.

    He just needed to get the other side of the story, which too many Homelanders still don’t have.

    Big Al, welcome to the Isaac Brock Hall of Fame!

    We’re an irascible bunch and getting into our Hall of fame is no easy task. So congratulations and thank you!

  20. @bubblebustin. Concerning the sale of your principal residence, EM is right about CRA. See reference on CRA website, tax guide T4037 chapter 6.

  21. @Greenwood, thanks! Have you read my story, Petros entitled “A story from OVDI hell or: How to exact tribute from a country without firing a shot”?
    It’s 5 o’clock somewhere 🙂

  22. @bubblebustin. No I haven’t read it. If you could give me a reference so I could read it this evening or on the weekend.

  23. @bubblebustin. What do you mean by «you’d better make that a double». Sorry, english not being my first language, I don’t always make out the expressions but to reassure you, I have read some of the stories.

  24. I’m really impressed that Al took the time to the “other side” that is impacted by this. The parallel to Enron and the subsequent Laws was very good.

    This REALLY gave me my first sign of “hope” for America. Is change really possible there? Are the people really listening? I think we complained enough; we commented enough; we shouted enough to finally be heard. This is a Presidential election year. ** I’ve never voted in my life **, but should someone say that they would like to end the monstrosity known as Citizenship-based taxation, I will go to the Consulate to vote. It’s not cheap either since I’m a good ways way from the Consulate.

    *** I think this is a VERY good time for the Brockers to get organised. ***

  25. pfft Jefferson, I wrote that in a brief moment of nostalgia. I saw a video of Miami and I thought “I’ve never been to Miami.. that looks like a great place!”

    Then I woke up this morning, read a couple of articles on these issues, and then returned to my normal self. If someone wants to organize, I CAN vote based on this FATCA issue. But it still doesn’t change the “long-term America”.

    I left America because I was sick of those “terror alerts”. Ok, I was sick of most everything, but I refer to those alerts as the collective noun. Think about it, the US always has these wars and grievances with other countries to keep the public’s attention focused on the government’s side of the story. If people FEAR, then they want PROTECTION. That gives a government too much power. Nowadays, everything that the government does is “right”, even though by many standards, it’s really “wrong.” Right now in the US, it seems like the government can do no wrong. Anyone who says otherwise is stoned to death and their images are burned publically as in the case of Eduardo Saverine. Instead of the US saying “This guy came here and helped to create a massive US brand. Let’s see what we can do to keep him.” — he gets demonised. There’s like this eerie sense of self-censorship in the US.

    To sum it all up in one paragraph, I don’t think the US is going to change anytime soon. I think US citizenship is only worth it if someone plans to live there, and they can have a nice life. Otherwise, you’ll have to fight the “fear-induced coma” that most of the people there seem suffer from.

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