Huffington Post: Rush Limbaugh and John Boehner / Saverin Legislation Con and Pro

Rush Limbaugh Defends Facebook Co-Founder Eduardo Saverin Over Tax Allegations

Eduardo Saverin Bill Backed By John Boehner

… and, of course, the comments.

Is it not delving into “socialism” to penalize Eduardo Saverin over and above what he is legally paying in exit taxes, so his further wealth gained from capitalism can be used to help pay the debts of the US? Seems he is obeying the law — but, don’t we know, how easily such tax or citizenship in the US be changed to  suit the USA.


15 thoughts on “Huffington Post: Rush Limbaugh and John Boehner / Saverin Legislation Con and Pro

  1. I wish I had his lawyers and money to be able to do the same thing. Then I would sleep in peace…But Americans Living and Working Abroad are trapped.

  2. I am not surprised by Boehner. I have suspected that was his view all along on that is why he is intensely disliked by the tea party.

  3. Boehner on board as well. Expats are under fire from all sides.

    Renounce / relinquish while you still can!

    A ban on CLNs will be next.

  4. If the top 1% pay 40% of the country’s taxes, that means they have an incredible amount of political power.

    We should not be fooled by the loud noises coming out of politicians. This story will probably have a very different ending than what we can anticipate.

  5. Oh and since the top 1% also likely pay taxes in other countries due to the fact that they’re high rollers who own businesses in multiple countries, their power should not be under estimated.

    The top 1% really do own the world and can influence governments everywhere. Trapping them is not something any intelligent politician should try to do. They’ll fight back and win.

  6. If Boehner backs the bill, then it will surely pass, unless he gets a lot of heat from the Tea Party, and I haven’t heard yet how they’ll react to this thing, hopefully in opposition considering it is yet another tax. I hadn’t expected him to take that stand. Now it’s all up for grabs, and this could change the trajectory of the election. It will magnify the differences in the Republican party between the Tea Partiers and the tax-and-spend-but not-as-much-as-the-Dems-except-for-the-military Republicans. Perhaps it will revitalize the remnants of the original Tea Partiers who dropped out when the evangelicals turned the focus to social issues.

  7. I hope that my representatives don’t think I am extreme and respond my letters. It has been one week.

  8. @bubblebustin, I can share my letter, but I think it’s too long to be posted here. Is there any way to add a file? I’d also like to know what kind of responses you got. Did anyone show sympathy? We know how politicians act, but I’m hopeful because in the end they are still people with feelings.

  9. @shadow, I read your letter and thank you for sharing. I think it’s a thoughtful and thorough summary of what the situation is for US persons living abroad, in fact, I see myself referring to it from time to time. How a reader might respond to it depends on how interested they are on the subject and how they react to your calling the US imperialistic. It’s hard to know how a reader may react and I would hate to see your hard work dismissed as “dissident” because of the emotional reaction it could have. We need to elicit empathy in those we write to, as difficult as that is when we perceive them as our attackers.

  10. @bubblebustin, Thank you. I already sent this letter, but I guess next time I should lower the criticism so I’m not dismissed. Maybe I should focus on aspects that appeal to politicians, such as the negative economic consequences of FATCA to the US itself.

    I’m thinking of writing a letter to John Boehner, as it seems that he doesn’t know much about the subject and is reacting emotionally.

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