Please help me develop my survey.

Hi friends at IBS.

I am testing an opinion poll on my own blog, which doesn’t have many visitors as I really don’t promote it.  The poll is PollDaddy powered.  Would you help me test this poll?  The first question is obvious: are you for residence-based taxation?  The next one is a multiple choice list of issues and you are supposed to check off all of the issues that upset you.  Not very scientific because I can’t see the total number of votes on the 2nd one, but I thought I would give it a try.  Any suggestions on rephrasing of the points or different points?  Unfortunately, I think I already have the maximum number of questions on the second one.  PollDaddy is limited.  Perhaps I can use something else or write some code later to deal with it. Please test it out HERE


8 thoughts on “Please help me develop my survey.

  1. Tested. Biggest problem for me (low income beginning of career) is the problems with maintaining my bank accounts in my home country, FATCA and the FBARs. Not subject to any actual double taxation…yet!

  2. I’ve done it and in the second poll I wished I could have checked off more than one box. I have another reason … with old age looming I just can’t see my husband and I being able to keep up with the complexities of the IRS … maybe it’s a premonition of future pain.

  3. You may want to split the last question into certain categories. I felt like it was a very broad question, yet very specific to every individual. Actually, more than 1 item (more like 3) applied to my situation, but I couldn’t check those boxes as well.

  4. Didn’t remember a question concerning both the costs and complexities of compliance. It’s forcing me to rely on an expensive specialized accountant, use US-compliant products ehich have higher charges, etc.

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