What was Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur (D) doing meeting with renounced US Citizen Kristina Keneally in 2007

A very good question and we have photographic proof. (This piece is very satirical and I am not good at writing satire so I apologize upfront)

To those on Capital Hill who think this site is just extremist they are wrong we just play hardball. In fact this meeting was covered by Toledo Blade and a article was published about it to which I linked to below.  The reporter who wrote the piece now works for another newspaper in Connecticut.


So here are some questions I have for Congresswoman Kaptur, Senators Schumer and Casey, and Prof. Ackermann about this meeting:

What was Kristina Keneally even doing in the United States given the existence of the Reed Amendment?

Much as Bill Clinton adamantly refused to attend a fundraiser at Kenneth Dart’s wife’s house(that Kenneth Dart was not even going to be attending) one would have to think some type of similar standard would exist for Democratic Members of Congress.

Ms Keneally when she used to be a US Citizen was a campaign volunteer for Congresswoman Kaptur would all agree something was seriously wrong in having a campaign volunteer who would be capable of such a despicable act as renouncing their US Citizenship. Would Congresswoman Kaptur return any campaign donations from Kristina Keneally given from when she was a US Citizen?

Would all agree given the despicableness of someone renouncing their US citizen that the US State Department should recall the US Ambassador to the Commonwealth of Australia in protest of the Australian people electing someone of such poor character to a position as important as Premier of New South Whales.

Would all agree that the US Ambassador to the Court of St James should be recalled in protest of Her Majesty Elizabeth Regina Windsor appointing someone of such ill character as Kristina Keneally to such an important position as being Her Majesty’s First Minister of New South Whales.

Would all agree that President Obama’s attendance at the G20 summit in Mexico would be a mistake given the attendance of Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard who is a personal friend and close political ally of Kristina Keneally.

If as it has been discussed by some in Australia that if Kristina Keneally were to ever become to the Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Australia would all agree(Kaptur, Schumer, Casey, and Ackermann) that the United States would have no choice but to terminate all military and intelligence cooperation agreements(ANZUS and “Five Eyes”) given the necessity that a future Prime Minister Keneally would have in reviewing certain sensitive intelligence and military information and her obvious lack of character(due to her renounciation of US Citizenship) to be trusted with certain information provided by the government of the United States.

(Note to Congresswoman Kaptur)

Clearly Kristina Keneally is someone you consider a friend despite her renounciation of US citizenship and I suspect you personally really didn’t have a problem with her doing so. Do the right thing come out and denounce the Schumer Casey legislation and the views of people like Prof. Ackermann.

Money quote about Krisitina Keneally:

Per Australian requirements, Mrs. Keneally renounced her U.S. citizenship before running for a seat in the 93-member parliament. She said that the renunciation was not overly emotional for her at the time but that she still becomes sentimental whenever she hears “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

Additional info:

Keneally’s name appeared on the Federal Register in 2003 so she would be covered by the Schumer Casey ten year look back in their legislation

Oh by the way some “RN” guy on Phil Hodgen’s blog was making a big deal about how people like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Oprah pay their taxes and don’t become “tax cheat” by renouncing their citizenship. Why was Oprah then having her picture taken with a “tax cheat” like Kristina Keneally.

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  1. I was in Kaptur’s district before they re-disctriced the suburbs to district 5, she only won/win’s elections with the city/urban vote. This year “Joe the Plumber” is running against her, it will be funny to watch.

  2. That means Boris Johnson would be persona-no-grata as well.

    Good job Schumey old boy!

  3. I’ve read about his lady before and saw some video clip about her on the internet – fair play to her.

    Americans think it’s OK for “foreigners” to come to the US and live the diminishing American dream, but Americans who go to other countries and thrive are traitors. Wake up and smell the roses as someone once said.

  4. Just to give additional background until quite recently Kristina Keneally was the Premier of the Australian State of New South Wales. She is originally from Northwestern Ohio/Toledo although was born originally in Las Vegas. She moved to Australia in 1997(with her Australian husband) and became an Australian citizen after three years(at which time Australia banned dual nationality). Her name on the Federal Register only shows up in 2003 though. Keneally was elected to the New South Wales Parliament I believe in 2003 also. She is believed to have been a campaign volunteer for Kaptur before this point. I also suspect Kaptur voted for the “Reed Amendment” back in the mid 1990s so she may already be in a little bit of a tight squeeze on this situation.

  5. I would also disagree that somehow Keneally wasn’t a covered expatriate. We have no way of knowing what her income or assets were and I suspect whatever level of friendship Congresswoman Kaptur has with her she doesn’t know that either.

  6. Tim, people think this site is extremist? That was sarcastic, right? I don’t exactly think that someone like me or Petros are extremists, or really anybody else so far on this site for that matter. All I think would be a major *relief* is abolish this FATCA so “US Persons” can have tax free accounts where they live — like everyone else has — and save for retirement, like everyone else does — and pay taxes where we LIVE (and are paying already) like every other citizen of the world, excluding the US.

    How is that extremist? Actually, the view is quite the opposite: Americans are extremist in almost everything that they do. Having an overblown reaction is VERY American. I only discovered that myself after living abroad for many years.

    Now this next part may be “extremist”, but it’s true, unfortunately.
    I truly pity the “average” American that is inside the “US Matrix” that hasn’t experienced anything different to know that they are captives to the system. Long-story-short, I’m SO GLAD I took the red pill many years ago.

  7. @geeez

    Anyone disagreeing with mainstream Washington group-think, no matter how absurd, is labeled as an extremist. Check out the article I posted on an earlier thread by Slate magazine suggesting using DRONE STRIKES on ex-pats. That’s extreme in my book!

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