Canadian Billionaire Giving It All Away

Here’s a fascinating article about a Canadian billionaire, who has lived in the US for years  and has become a dual citizen.  He’s in the process of giving much of his fortune away.

Meet the Canadian billionaire who’s giving it all away

Senators  Schumer and Casey, you need to look at this. Canada did not stalk or threaten Jeffrey Skoll, (first employee/past president of e-bay and owner of a media company) for taxes after he became rich.  Neither did we stalk Celine Dion, Wayne Gretzky, Justin Bieber, Alex Trebek, Michael J Fox, Rachel McAdams, Donald Sutherland, Cirque du Soleil, etc, etc, etc, when they chose to amass their fortunes in US.  Based on your flawed logic, Canada should do that because we provided them with their education, safety, health care, citizenship and the very foundations of their lives.

Are they traitors because they live in US and pay taxes only to US?  Of course not.  Neither is anyone who chooses to live and earn a living–no matter how small or large–outside of US.

Instead of viciously attacking our citizens, Canada celebrates their accomplishments.  On Friday, Mr. Skoll was made an Officer of the Order of Canada for his “commitment to social causes and innovative practice of philanthropy.”  Other Canadians who have gone to US or elsewhere have also been honoured in this way or through Canada’s Walk of Fame or other tributes.

Although he is a dual citizen, Mr. Skoll usually calls himself a Canadian when someone asks – “unless it’s an American customs officer.”

That statement leads me to believe Mr. Skoll doesn’t know yet about what IRS could do to him if he chose to return to his country of birth to live.   Canada, however, would welcome you back, Jeffrey.   CRA would even refuse to collect a tax liability for IRS because you are a Canadian citizen.

Even though we won’t stalk you for taxes, we do hope you will send some of your donations in the direction of Canadian organizations.  While you’re at it, please consider becoming a member of Isaac Brock Society!

Jeffrey, I notice your media company has made some innovative and  important documentaries and movies (An Inconvenient Truth, Charlie Wilson’s War, Good Night and Good Luck, The Kite Runner,The Help and others).  We would love to have a movie made of our struggles. I did casting a few months ago.  Our ranks have grown since then so it will need to be expanded, but we’re ready when you are.


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  1. Because Wayne Gretsky is welcome in Canada, he’s has significant business investments in Canada. I’m persona non grata in the United States. I’ve pulled ALL my investments out of the United States. I am a small fry. But millions of small fry make up a lot of investments. Saverin will likely never invest in the United States ever again. I wouldn’t if I were him.

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