Don Whitely at Vancouver Sun: The Accidental Kenyan

Don Whitely asks what would happen if Kenya emulated the citizenship and taxation policies of the United States:


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  1. Don: Superb piece. You’ve outed yourself on another thread, as really being a Brocker, but I will let you reveal you own identity if you choose to do it here.

    You could follow up with the fact that Obama also had citizenship in Indonesia as a child. He truly is a “Citizen of the World” and should be treated as such under GATCA.


  2. The Obamas had their best income in 2009. Here’s a quick list of their income for the last 3 years.

    2009 = $5.5 million (that’s when everybody thought he was the second coming)

    2010 = $1.7 million (people are starting to figure out he’s not all that)

    2010 = $790K

    President Obama releases 2011 financial assets

  3. I think Michelle may have to get a job in 2013. She used to make way more than Obama before he wrote his autobiography.

  4. Excellent reductio ad absurdum. Arrow on the bullseye. And good placement. Unless a miracle happens, this story can only mushroom into a far overshadowed future. There are many more words due to emanate from this arrogant American atrocity.

  5. @Arrow/Don

    Thank you so much for your fantastic article. Knew you were a fellow Vancouverite; nice to know I have always read your columns. Would love to have the article reproduced in one of the big American papers ie Washington Post, New York Times, Chicago Tribune etc.

  6. Hits the nail right on the head. This is the sort of stuff homelander politicians and academics need to read. Then perhaps they will begin to understand. I hope this article goes viral.

    Don Whitely for Isaac Brock Hall of Fame!

  7. Second that on the hall of fame. @Arrow, why not submit it to Truthdig- Chris Hedges who’s suing Obama over NDAA contributes there, and Breibart’s Big Government-they hate Obama (that’s where I first heard of DATCA).

  8. What am I doing wrong? I go to the Vancouver Sun site, click on Business and it isn’t there. Do we have to clear our cookies and boost the hits on that direct link to bring Arrow-Don’s article to the top?

  9. Em

    It’s an op-ed piece. I don’t know why you get a “business” link — that’s a mistake. If the link Don Kane posted doesn’t do it, go to the Sun site again and click on the opinion section.

  10. Tiger — and others:

    I really appreciate all your comments. Bubblebustin — I will have a go at those sites.

    And to all: I struck out big-time trying to get US mainstream media to print this, but sometimes if it gets enough traction (or goes viral — not much hope there) it can rise up phoenix-like and start to get play. Please don’t anybody hold your breath …


  11. This op-ed really puts things in a manner that “homelanders” may finally be able to comprehend. And it certainly cannot be taken as a rant.

    Many of them still just don’t get it, to include the members of the so-called Americans Abroad Caucus and certainly not the members of the Joint Committee on Taxation.

    It would be good if ACA were able to send it out through their normal distribution channels.

    It would make a wonderful script for a youtube video like the one somebody made a while back about the two American expats in Switzerland.

  12. I think it should go to Obama as well. Who knows, somebody in his inner circle might actually read it.

  13. @omg the ABC article is a coverup. The agent for Obama would not have created a bio for him unapproved by Obama. That’s a canard that needs to die a quick death. That means that in 1991, Obama himself was promoting himself as born in Kenya:

    He was the first “birther” (i.e., people that believe that Obama was born in Kenya or somewhere besides the United States):

  14. @Petros, Obama should get as much grief about his having lied for 16 years as Elizabeth Warren is getting right now about having claimed to be native Indian without any proof to back it up. Some of the press have got her on the run as she’s trying to get elected to public office.

  15. The satirical approach is brilliant. It really puts the shoe on the other foot. It really needs to be circulated. I wonder if American Thinker would find it interesting as a follow up to the other articles such as the one Petros wrote? I’ll bet Grover Norquist would appreciate it.

    I can picture Schumer steaming over seeing it in one of the so-called “right wing” blogs because it really smacks down his phony arguments against ex-pats.

    The point is that it is a brilliant and really needs to get out there.

    And I agree with OMG, anything about Obama and Kenyan citizenship gets people’s attention.

  16. Everyone who came out in defense of Saverin’s expatriation would appreciate it because they received a lot of criticism themselves.

  17. Thank you Arrow-Don Bin Wows Me (mind a little Star Wars?). I found it under Opinion. The link at the top of this page looks like this …
    … so I thought it was in the business section. Problem solved. I had already read your piece when I decided to go to the Vancouver Sun home page (never been there before) and then I couldn’t find my way back.

  18. @Arrow-Don: Did you try the Economist, Bloomberg’s, Forbes and Wall Street Journal? They’ve run some pieces about FATCA.

    As a freelancer, does your contract with Vancouver Sun place any limits on how long you must wait before pitching it elsewhere?

  19. When you do a search for the words Obama Kenya on Google News, Don’s article in the Vancouver Sun is the 6th listing.

    The #1 listing is from CNN posted within the last hour.

  20. Does somebody have a way to send the article to Donald Trump? He’s a loud mouth. He’d love to see what Don wrote.

  21. @Arrow,

    I didn’t make the connection between DW and Arrow until later today. Sorry we did not connect up in Sydney. BTW, I have forwarded the Accidental Kenyan to a lot of my journalist contacts. I hope some read it and pass it on. I know David Jolly from the NYTs did, for one,

    I would suggest that you try to send it to the Huffington Post, Daily Beast and the Daily Caller as three others who might be so inclined to run it even if the MSM papers won’t

    Again, thanks for getting this up on the web and getting some attention. Every success builds on others, and you never know when the message will finally go viral.

  22. @Arrow

    You should send it to the Boston Globe who did an editorial yesterday in favor of Schumer’s Ex-Patriot legislation

  23. @FromTheWilderness

    I tweeted it to @BarackObama, so maybe someone will see it.

    The accidental Kenyan. What if Kenya adopted the US Citizenship taxation model? Pay up, @BarackObama #FBAR #FATCA

  24. @Arrow…

    Roger wishes it could also be published in the Miami Herald. 🙂 Have you tried them? They have been running with the Rubio anti DATCA opinion pieces, so this might appeal to them? Just a thought?

  25. @ Just Me
    I hope you were in your bunker when you sent that tweet to Obama and that you’ve got plenty of provisions for a long stay. :-s

  26. Interesting but is the IRS actually filing liens on property in foreign country’s? I thought the only ramifications were domestically American, I understand the FATCA will go beyond our borders but except for that, is the IRS really coming at you?

  27. @WhoaIt’sSteve
    It depends on what you mean by ‘is the IRS really coming at you?’ For anyone born in America, but now living abroad, I guess the answer could be yes, if you want to continue to cross the border. And, yes, FATCA is how they are coming ‘at us’.
    ‘Is the IRS actually filing liens on property in foreign countries?’ Well, I don’t think they can do that in Canada but I, for one, would think they just might try that. Or to put it another way, I believe they would if they could.

  28. @Whoaitssteve
    You’re reading it a little too literally. Remember it was my fantasy. Slapping a lien on the white house is in the same category as KIRS, FUBAR and KAFKA — which also don’t exist. You got the point though, right? The IRS won’t step on Canadian soil, but they’ll cheerfully nab you at the border, or seize anything you might own in the US.

    The first newspaper I worked for was the Boston Globe, but I’m afraid to reveal how long ago that was. Bobby Orr was still playing for the Bruins. And for a while (in Vancouver) I strung for the NYT, also years ago. They weren’t interested this time.

    Again, I really appreciate all your support. In the area of copyright, the material is mine — but almost all other newspapers insist on “exclusivity” so now that it has been published no one else would pick it up. The exception would be other Postmedia papers, and one of those might run it if they like it.

    I’m not done. I’ll find other ways to keep pushing this — and all Brockers apparently have been twittering this across the universe. That warms the heart of an old ink-stained wretch.

    It hits print in the Sun tomorrow — but that’s a bit of an anti-climax these days.


  29. @Whoaitssteve
    I don’t think there are any documented cases of the IRS going after foreign property for current FBAR cases, but it is an option that they are capable of if they get angry at you and enough money is on the table.

    See especially the third comment from the bottom here:

    The thing that would keep them from doing it is that it would be (even more of) a PR disaster, not that it is not within their power.

  30. @Joe Expat… Ok, I did as you requested. WorldNet daily, is not one of my favorite sites, but I am willing to try anything, these days! LOL I know Rush loves them! 🙂

  31. Accidental Kenyan article “destined to become a classic”..!
    See mention below in article
    by Brian Mahany
    “The title of this post, The Accidental Kenyan, comes from an editorial in the Vancouver Sun earlier this week. It is destined to become a classic among the tax bar so we have posted a link to the original article. Don Whiteley at the Sun does a much better job of telling the story, so we will stick to the lessons learned.”……..

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