President Obama opens dialogue with U.S. citizens abroad – Seize the day! Hope you wont’ get fooled again! – UPDATED

Updated with the following additional paragraph June 4/12

I have been following the comments to this thread with great interest. I believe that this Obama social media initiative is a great opportunity for us. This post needs to be linked to the “Just Me” post of April 22/12 where he talks about the stupid form letter that somebody received after writing Obama about OVDI. I reference the following helpful comment from Steven where he says:

30 Year IRS Vet


I have a slightly different view and perhaps an idea worth pursuing.

The fact that the White House responded at all gives the IBS an opportunity to use the response as a vehicle to further publicize the issues facing expats and the inequity of citizenship based taxation in general. You now have a letter from the President dated April 18, 2012. It is in effect, and invitation to dialogue with him. What if the IBS board were to respond to the WH as follows:

“Dear Mr. President:
Thank you for your letter of April 18, and to respectfully suggest that you that your letter was not at all responsive to Mr. XXX’s letter to you of [date] in which he detailed for you, a glaring inequity affecting seven million voting Americans living abroad who find themselves potential victims of the unintended consequences of a law you approved regarding their tax obligations……

[explain the problem]
[don’t make the IRS the issue]
[offer a solution]
[dont disrespect him or the Office]

Perhaps a closing with the suggestion that it would be nice to hear in his acceptance speech for the nomination of his party at the DNC convention in Charlotte, N.C. in September, one sentence in which he acknowledges the problem and pledges to do something about it if he is elected again in November.

It might also be a good idea to send a copy of the letter to:

Ms. Olson
Cong. Carol Maloney
Democrats Abroad
Senators Levin, Baucus and a few others.
Mr. Romney and some other top Republicans
Selected Canadian officials.

This the way the game is played in Washington. If he doesn’t respond in a few weeks you can write to him again and cc everyone again to let the world know that you are not going to go away and the problem is going to keep getting worse if it is not addressed.
Thoughts? Comments?

Once again, I see the (plus twitter and facebook add ons) as a fantastic opportunity to engage Obama and the Democrats. The very existence of suggests to me that the Democrats really do NOT understand how they have destroyed the lives of U.S. citizens abroad. If they really understood the problems they have created, I don’t believe that they would have launched this site.

Because they have opened the door to a public discussion, we need to see this as an opportunity to educate them. Furthermore, I believe that we should use this as an opportunity to reach out to Romney and Ron Paul. The is the best chance yet to open a dialogue.

We need to work on how to do this in an intelligent way. Complaint without more will not do it. We are crediting Obama and his mindless disciples with far too much intelligence and understanding.

Your thoughts?

What follows is the original post.






Note: This post by discussing political advertising is really political advertising. As such it may be inappropriate for a “non-partisan” group like the Isaac Brock Society. Nevertheless, it does seem to me that Obama is responsible for many of our current difficulties.

Great news! President Obama has finally opened a dialogue with U.S. citizens abroad!

I recently came across the following Social Media campaign at the hub of:

It links to  both Twitter and Facebook as follows:

The clear intent of this campaign is create the appearance of  a strong and vibrant contingent of U.S. citizens abroad who support Barack Obama. For example the main site includes the following information:

Welcome to Americans Abroad for Obama!

Right now, Americans from across the globe are stepping up to help President Obama get re-elected. Join our team and be a part of the movement to finish what we started in 2008!

Americans Abroad is the international regional program of the Obama Victory Fund, a joint fundraising committee of Obama for America 2012 and the Democratic National Committee.


About Us

Americans Abroad for Obama is an international program for U.S. citizens living abroad committed to providing significant financial support for the re-election of President Obama in November.

We raise funds through events abroad, innovative initiatives and programs across the globe. We are currently working to build cohesive teams in a number of countries identified as having high numbers of influential and dedicated Americans living and working abroad. Ideally, the work will result in a highly researched and refined international network of financial supporters.

For more information on the campaign, please visit

If one takes the time to read the site, one will see that:

“Americans Abroad is the international regional program of the Obama Victory Fund, a joint fundraising committee of Obama for America 2012 and the Democratic National Committee.”

The fact that the Obama campaign is behind this site is NOT clear from either the Facebook or Twitter sites. For example:


“International grassroots movement passionate about keeping President Obama in office. Follow us for live updates of the #Obama2012 Find out how you can help at

AAO is an international program for U.S. citizens living abroad committed to providing significant financial support for the re-election of President Obama in November.
Americans Abroad for Obama is aiming to reach out to a new supporter base that has been historically untapped.
This innovative effort aims to enfranchise millions of American expatriates (citizens and Green Card holders alike), whose voices are often unheard in American politics.We raise funds through events both within the U.S. and abroad, innovative initiatives and programs across the globe. We are currently working to build cohesive teams in a number of countries identified as having high numbers of influential and dedicated Americans living and working abroad. Ideally, the work will result in a highly researched and refined international network.
Interesting Facts About This Initiative – AmericansAbroadForObama:

1. was registered on April 4, 2012 by Deirdre Hannigan of claims to be a group that runs political advertising campaigns, that appear to specialize in social media.  They claim that their clients include a “whos who” list of democrats including:

  • ActionAid USA
  • AIDS Taskforce of Greater Cleveland
  • Arizona Democratic Party
  • Authentic Israel
  • Be My Voice Hawai‘i
  • B’nai B’rith Youth Organization (BBYO)
  • BBYO’s Passport to the World
  • Bob Menendez for Senate 2006
  • California Organization of Police and Sheriffs (COPS)
  • California Pacific Medical Center
  • California State Conference of the NAACP
  • Center for Promise and Opportunity
  • Charlotte In 2012 Host Committee
  • The Children’s Movement of Florida
  • CIVIC Concern
  • Civil Justice Association of California (CJAC)
  • Corporation for Enterprise Development (CFED)
  • Council for a Livable World (CLW)
  • Dancer Universe
  • D&P Creative Strategies
  • Data Warehouse
  • David Sanchez Badillo Foundation
  • Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC)
  • Democratic National Committee (DNC)
  • Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC)
  • Dwight Evans for Mayor
  • EMILY’s List
  • Environmental Justice and Climate Change Initiative
  • Equality NC
  • Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL)
  • Good Beginnings Alliance
  • Greater Miami Jewish Federation
  • Green Spaces Alliance of South Texas
  • Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility (HACR)
  • Hispanic Technology and Telecommunications Partnership (HTTP)
  • angel foundation
  • Immigration Equality Action Fund
  • Informed Families
  • Israel Forever Foundation
  • Israel Pathways
  • Jack Davis for Congress
  • Jewish Federation of Metro Detroit
  • Jewish Federation of Palm Beach
  • Joe Mesi for State Senate
  • John Dougherty for State Senate
  • John Edwards for President
  • Latino Inaugural Gala 2009
  • LatinoJustice PRLDEF
  • Leadership for Educational Equity
  • League of United Latin American Citizens
  • Liberty Power
  • Los Angeles Police Protective League
  • Mamiverse
  • Mervyn Dymally for California State Assembly 2006
  • Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund
  • National Immigration Law Center
  • National Latino Coalition on Climate Change
  • National Museum of the American Latino Commission
  • New America Media
  • New York State Democratic Senate Campaign Committee
  • No Limits Foundation
  • North Carolina League of Conservation Voters
  • The Ohio Democratic Party
  • One America Committee
  • The Pap Corps
  • People for the American Way
  • PetPAC
  • Primedia
  • Raise Texas
  • Bill Richardson for Governor
  • Rock & Republic
  • ServeNext
  • SFO Media
  • Sierra Club
  • Sixth and I
  • The FuturePAC
  • Tom Suozzi for Governor
  • Tuition Relief Now!
  • United Federation of Teachers (UFT)
  • Women Building For The Future
  • Yes On Gay Marriage
  • ZERO Cancer

2. Facebook – The page indicates that it was founded on April 9, 2012. Yet it boasts 1450 “likes”. This is extremely un”like”ly. Sorry way too many. Unless a U.S. citizen abroad has been living “under a rock” for the last year, they won’t be voting for Obama. I suspect that these “likes” have been  purchased from a “like farm”.

3. Twitter – The first tweet was on April 10, 2012

What Is The Purpose Of This Post?

It is my considered opinion that the Obama campaign has created a social media campaign designed for the sole purpose of making it appear that Obama has strong support from Americans abroad. This is a ridiculous claim. After the damage he has inflicted on U.S. citizens abroad, I don’t believe that even a member of “Democrats Abroad” would really vote for him.

But hey, Obama has now opened a dialogue with Americans Abroad. U.S. citizens abroad should seize this opportunity to begin the dialogue and expose his lies for what they are. Obama certainly has not kept his word to U.S. citizens abroad. Remember those promises Senator Obama made on the campaign trail?

A reminder …

Here is what is said on the Facebook page:

This innovative effort aims to enfranchise millions of American expatriates (citizens and Green Card holders alike), whose voices are often unheard in American politics.

Since, Obama has opened the dialogue with U.S. citizens abroad, we cannot disappoint him!

Remember the line in the movie “Dead Poets’ Society”:

Seize the day!! That’s a great idea.

You, “Wont’ Get Fooled Again!”


35 thoughts on “President Obama opens dialogue with U.S. citizens abroad – Seize the day! Hope you wont’ get fooled again! – UPDATED

  1. @renounce, thanks for this post.
    Very interesting. Maybe this campaign was created in reaction to mounting disenchantment by some previous supporters and the growing embarrassment of the renunciation numbers?

    Re: “After the damage he has inflicted on U.S. citizens abroad, I don’t believe that even a member of “Democrats Abroad” would really vote for him.”

    It seemed to me from talking with some of his natural constituent expats that the best argument being mustered (hesitantly and weakly offered, in light of the blatantly punitive treatment of expats), was that the alternative was worse. Which was met with silence, or fear and anger by those who had just learned of the aggressive, punitive tax and reporting penalty layers – especially when FATCA, citizenship questions by banks (ex. TD) , and the hit to registered accounts was detailed. FATCA, FBARs and the rest of it – is now directly hitting dual children here through their RESP and TFSA plans – an insult which cannot be justified by their adult parents and plan contributors (grandparents) who are horrified to learn after the fact of the US reporting and penalty burdens, now inherited by themselves and their children – extending into the far foreseeable future. The renunciation process, and the rising numbers was openly mentioned.

    This insult is too big a pill to swallow – even for diehards. You can’t threaten people’s children and family assets and expect them to vote for you. Might work on those who still don’t know about the tax/reporting/penalty regimes, but that can’t last forever.

  2. “Might work on those who still don’t know about the tax/reporting/penalty regimes, but that can’t last forever.”

    I think that is the problem and that a majority still don’t know about it and the possible fines.
    I wonder how many expats still don’t know about their obligation to file FBARs. I would think that number is still huge.
    The IRS has made some noise about foreign account reporting for the past couple years, but I personally learned about FBAR somehow by chance, like a lot of people, and I think the majority is still unaware of it, both in the expat and immigrant community. As someone said, they don’t tell you about it either when you get a passport or when you get a visa/green card.
    What would be the way to reach out to many more people who are likely to be affected, but do not know about it?
    For immigrants, contacting their consulate, and asking to publish an article in some of the article they send to their entire mailing list can be an option. I am not sure for American Expats what would be the best way to reach more of the community.
    The more people know and realize their risk, the more chances are they’ll try to express their concern.

  3. Some of the comments on the FB page talk about FATCA and the rise in renunciations, but it seems to me like the majority are from non-citizen well-wishers who just like Obama…Seems telling to me!

  4. I have been busy tweeting these guys since they first started following me last week. They look very slick, like those astro turf grassroots web sites that were created to make the TeaParty look more “rooty” than they were. Social media is very slick these days…

    I would encourage you to sign up and send them a message about what you think of pass promises of the 2008 Obama campaign as compared to the last 3 years of actions….

    Here are a few tweets I have done recently….

  5. I also submitted my comment, as follows:
    I remember well president Obama’s commitment back in 2008 to level the playing field for Americans abroad and how that commitment likely resulted in his capturing 90% of the votes from Americans living abroad of all stripes.

    But I am keenly aware that instead of keeping this commitment, he has totally ignored it. He signed legislation and turned the IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman loose to seek out and persecute Americans abroad, including those born abroad to a US parent that have not idea they are even US citizens, let aware that they have a tax obligation to the US . It is truly destroying Americans who, for whatever reason, live and work outside of the US . The current lax policy of this Administration with regard to our expatriate citizens is a gross violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the UN, which was largely written by Eleanor Roosevelt back in 1948. In view of our tax policy our current support of this Declaration is pure hypocrisy.

  6. Why IRS wasting so much effort manpower on persecuting innocent minnows living in high tax nations while tax cheats robbing tax payers in broad day light. This CNN article says “Identity thieves could rake in $26 billion in tax refunds”:

    May Obama don’t want to incontinence his voters in the election year. What else can explain depositing money in debt cards? Can’t they limit this to bank accounts, where getting identity is mandatory?

    Many experts said, not allowing debt cards can substantially reduce tax refund fraud, but IRS refuses to incontinence the thieves. But enforcing expensive draconian regulations on each and every financial institution in the world, which will cause every person who as bank accounts in the world, even if one is not US citizens he must prove that he is not US person for IRS tax purpose.

    The Obama administration don’t care injustice inflicted on US persons who live abroad and don’t owe any taxes, even IRM mandates a warning letter. In their view, expats don’t count. They don’t care about our votes. Most of can’t vote, because many recently learn that they are US citizens.

  7. @InfoReporting, although you will not find it written in these tax laws anywhere, the underlying purpose of them is to fiscally punish US citizens for living and working or retiring in a different country other than the USA. What else could be the purpose? According to Nina Olsen’s (She’s the Taxpayer Advocate) Report to Congress, submitted earlier this year, 91% of the overseas filers end up owing zero to the the IRS becuase foreign tax credits and the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion totally satisfy their US tax obligation. But, if their income is $9,500 or more they absolutely must file US tax returns in order to substantiante they own the IRS nothing. And in order to file these tax returns they must have qualified professional assistance lest they make inconsequential errors which, on the FBAR form, will subject them to a minimum penalty of $10,000.

    They can expect to pay from $1000 to $3,000 for that professional assistance and then you have to hope, sometimes in vain, that the tax professioal you use really knows what he is doing and has your best interest at heart.

    Clearly Citizenship based taxation as practiced by the USA is a Sin Tax rather than a revenue-generator. It produces some $4or 5 billion per year in tax revenue, but the administrative and professional assistance costs probably are of the same magnitude.

    But it sure does far more damage to the eonomy than that. Because it makes US citizens largely unemployable for deployment abroad, because this extra tax burden makes them far too coistly, The US currently has a 12-month merchandise
    trade defict of $747 billion. The tax revenue that fails to be generated by the manufacturing-for-export jobs destroyed by this trade deficit, at 18% of GDP, represents some $130 billion,

    So when you compare this pittance in tax revenue generated by this tax with what is destroyed by it, the only conclusiuon is that it is a Sin Tax and not a revenue generating tax.

    Canada, by the way, currently has a 12-month trade surplus of $2 billion. These trade balance figures are from the on-line report of The Economist Magazine, May 26 issue. Search for The Economist trade, exchange rates, budget balance and insterest rates, wiuth the most recent Saturday date, and you will find the up-to-date figures every week for all of the major countries of the world. The trade figures are not published in the printed edition.

  8. @Roger ‘although you will not find it written in these tax laws anywhere, the underlying purpose of them is to fiscally punish US citizens for living and working or retiring in a different country other than the USA. What else could be the purpose?’
    The fact that the FEIE, treaties and all other measures that are in place exist shows that there used to be a desire, and measures taken to reduce the burden of citizenship based taxation for US persons living abroad. I just shows that citizenship based taxation is a club that can be drawn and used at any time, often for political reasons.

  9. If you want to have a dialog with Conservative readers about Citizenship taxation, there is a made to order Editorial today in the Washington Times, called.

    EDITORIAL: America’s tax refugees

    It is talking about citizens fleeing from high tax states to low tax states, so here is an opportunity to point out that this is something natural that should occur, but sadly on the country level the US erects barriers with the Citizenship taxation backing it very difficult to do. Roger has been busy commenting already, and I added onto his comment.

  10. @bybblebustin, when citizenship based taxation was intrroduced under President Kennedy back in 1962, it was touted as being to punish the super-rich who have supposedly moved abroad to escape US income taxes. In those day the marginal tax rates in other countries were generally lower than in the US. The names of persons supposedly doing this to escape US taxes were never mentioned in the congressional testimony before that law was passed.

    Initially the FEIE – Foreign Earned Income Exclusion was $35,000 for those abroad 3 years or more. That was a executive-level wage in those days, equivalent to $266,000 in 20ll dollars, so it really affected very few Americans abroad. And they could claim a full foreign tax credit on all of the foreign income tax they paid, including that paid on the $35,000 of excluded income. So at most it affected just a handfull of very wealthy US expatriates.

    But once the Camel’s head was under the tent, it did not take long for Congress to tighten the screws. The first change was to cut back the FEIE to $25,000, But then in 1976 there were major changes: The FEIE was cut to $15,000 off the bottom at the lowest marginal tax rate with everyting else taxed at the higher marginal rate as if the FEIE had not been excluded. Foreign tax credits were limited to the foreign tax on income that was not excluded and later the rules were changed so that tax credits on earned income and passive income were separated and could no longer be used interchageabley to offset the US tax. And the tax court ruled that reimbursement for expenses incidential to the foreign assignment, such as tuition for children to attend an English Language school, were made taxable

    For US diplomats these reimbursements remained as tax free, but not for private citizens. That is why in Saudi Arabia Bechtel Corporation testifying at HW&M hearings in 1978 reported that one of their engineers with a salary of $43,000 what subject to a $51,000 tax, leaving him less than zero on which to live. I still have a copy of the printed testimony from that hearing at which I also testified.

    As far as Senator Proxmire, who sponsored and pushed this 1976 legislaton was concerned, Americans served no useful purpose in selling US exports or anything else by living outside of the US. He classed them all as “spending the tax evasion dollars, swathed in mink, at the gambling casinos of Monte Carlo” His mind was all made up and refused to allow anyone to “confuse him with the facts.” Unfortunately that same attitude prevails in Washington today.

  11. The following message was sent to me by Patric Hale, and with his permission, I am posting it here.


    I’ve just signed up on their website and sent the following message. I suggest everybody does the same – maybe they’ll get the message:

    I’ve been a director of American Citizens Abroad for over 35 years. I lived in Europe for 28 of those years.

    Here is the question that ALL overseas Americans want to know:

    What has President Obama done for them that he deserves our support? We know that he has unleashed Doug Shulman of the IRS, and Senators Levin, Schumer, Casey, and Reid in writing legislation that makes the lives of ALL overseas Americans absolutely miserable so that more and more Americans are giving up their citizenship rather than live under the tyrannical tax regimes and policies of the USA while President Obama – and Hillary Clinton, too – has stood by and done nothing!

    This goes diametrically against everything that Pres. Obama pledged to overseas Americans in 2008.

    All politicians ever care about from overseas Americans is MONEY when elections come around but do absolutely NOTHING about the concerns overseas Americans have the rest of the time.

    There are 5 million overseas Americans and in a tight election as this one will be we are looking not just for smiling faces and broken promises but ACTION!

    The first thing Pres. Obama can do is tell the members of the Democratic Party in Congress to kill the amendment to the Transportation Bill that forces the IRS to determine whether a US citizen gets his/her passport renewed because of tax issues.

    How successful do you think the Democrats would be if they proposed that everyone in America had to pay his/her taxes before getting their drivers licenses renewed??

    Overseas Amreicans are SICK of being ignored and then dumped on by Congress while Pres. Obama does NOTHING to stop it! The IRS is even ignoring Executive Orders requiring cost-benefit analyses on their actions.

    So the question is simple: What is the President going to do to HELP overseas Americans instead of permitting his administration and party dump all over them?

  12. Oh this is absolutely priceless. I just sent my own message which began with, “This is a joke, right?” Excuse me while I go pour myself a cup of soothing tea and try to get my blood pressure down….

  13. @Victoria, so ironic after our earlier discussions on threads re the differences between Obama’s 2008 explicit promises to Americans abroad, and the exclusion of us in this campaign! Got a lot of nerve. Maybe feeling the numbers not secure?

    Don’t let it get in the way of your wellbeing. Best wishes.

  14. My U.S.-based father recently reminded me of California and New York’s attempts to tax the pensions of its former residents back in the 1990s. This was overturned by then-President Clinton’s 1996 endorsement of H.R. 394 (or P.L. 104-95) which prohibits state taxation of certain pension income of nonresidents received after December 31, 1995. My father then suggested those of us at the IBS seriously consider how to apply this legal precedent to the fight against the taxation of U.S. expatriates (he has been following the Isaac Brock Society in support of his ex-pat daughter and Canadian son-in-law. Thanks, Dad!). This is even more apropos of Friday’s “Washington Times” editorial about “America’s Tax Refugees” as posted earlier by Just Me. Any thoughts as to the use of this argument in our favour?

    I, for one, did not migrate to Canada to avoid paying U.S. taxes (in fact I was told by a “tax professional” I wouldn’t have to file as a stay-at-home mum earning nothing). Arugh! Losing sleep yet again over this as I prepare to visit the U.S. for my new Canadian job.

  15. Perhaps contact Romney’s campaign to discuss FATCA and how unhappy Americans Abroad (Republicans and Democrats) are with Obama. A TV commercial should do the trick for the Homelanders. Obviously the repeal of FATCA would have to be high on any agenda.

  16. @Laura, it is a great idea. The big problem is that back in 1924 in the Cook v Tait case, this was taken before the Supreme Report which ruled that iit is not unconstitutional to tax trhe income of US citizens living abroad,. It did not rule whether it was wise or not; only that it was not unconstitutiional. Perhaps there are new arguments, giving the abuse that has ensuded, but might cause the Supreme Court to take a second look. But recognize that the Supreme Court does not make a habit of reversing itself. Thanks to Andy Sundberg, founder of ACA, for having proivded this 1924 tax case reference..

  17. @john,
    Oh how I wish you were right. But the cold, hard fact is that probably more than 99% of US voters have never heard about FATCA and therefore it has no meaning to them. What so many voters are concerned about is that they have lost their jobs, that unemployment remains at Depression era levels, they have had their mortgages foreclosed and they have no money to buy gas for their cars.

    You and I both know trhat FATCA and citizenship based taxation are significant contributors to why Americans don’t go abroad to sell American exports, why the US has a $747 billion trade deficit that grows b $2 billion every day, a fiscal budget that is totally out of control and many who are willing and want to work have to depend in unemployment checks and food stamps just to survive from day to day.

    But this is not an excuse to not keep the pressure on in hope that our voices will be heard amid all of the noise of the present presidential campaign.

    From what I have seen over the past 3 1/2 years I think there is a better chance that Romney will tackle it, if elected, given the fact that Obama promised he would but never lifted even one finger to keep that promise.

    These are the issues that keep the voters here in the US from sleeping at night. And believe you me I have not been sleeping very well for several months.

  18. I have absolutely not an inkling of hope for any sort of change by way of the Democratic party. The only thing we lack from them is a pack of dogs yapping at our rear-ends.
    Our only chance, and it may be slim….is to put this bunch on a slow (and very leaky) boat to China…..but this above all: Vote them out of office!

  19. @Roger,
    If it were made clear that FATCA, FBARs, and extraterritorial citizenship-based taxation create a huge and unnecessary barrier to them benefiting from opportunities abroad, maybe those who are open-minded enough to consider work ‘abroad’ in the current and growing unemployment crunch will ask – “why shouldn’t I have the right to go forth and prosper without these impediments?”. After all, if they see it that way, they will see that there is absolutely no reason why they would be any more likely to need FATCA imposed on them than we do. They might even resent the implication that as soon as they leave the borders of the US, that somehow they need 2 nation’s layers of oversight, rather than just one.

    U.S. workers: Need job, can’t travel to Alberta

    ‘Washington wants Ottawa to make it easier for U.S. workers to fill vacancies there’
    by Luiza Ch. Savage on Tuesday, May 22, 2012 11:00am

    ….”But now the two governments are trying to find ways to make this happen. Business leaders say Canadian and U.S. officials are looking for ways to enable Canadian companies to hire U.S. workers and recognize their trade skills so they can work legally in Canada. The talks are in early stages and there have been no official announcements out of Ottawa. A spokesman for the U.S. Embassy also declined to comment “pending further talks with our Canadian partners.”…

    …”All of a sudden, “the U.S. is much more interested in looking for opportunities for their workers abroad,” says Dawson.”….

    Just wait until they find out about FATCA and FBARs, etc. If Washington wants Canada to help them send unemployed workers here, maybe it needs to rethink the reporting jeopardies they’ll face just having a ‘foreign’ bank account here. What hypocrisy!

  21. @badger, Washington may want Canada to make it easier for unemployed Americans to fill jobs in Canada? Did somebody in Washington really suggest that?

    That’s not the problem. It Uncle Sam that doesn’t want them to have a job, if it is on the other side of the border. And just to make sure they will stay home FATCA makes it sure that won’t be able to open a bank account in Winnepeg or anywhere else because the IRS will punish every foreign bank that has the audacity to open an account for an American living abroad. And wait until they find out it will cost them at least $1,000 for professional assistance to prepare all the tax forms and supplemental reports with US citzens living and working abroad or be subected to massive penalties that will make them wish they never heard of Winnepeg.

    Blame it all on Canada.

  22. @Laura Secord,

    Thanks for your comments and contribution. Welcome to Isaac Brock, and Hi Dad! 🙂 And you are right. That Times piece does give opportunity to exploit. I hope some more Brockers just take the time to make the obvious comments. Last I looked, there weren’t many, so it gives you a better opportunity to have your message heard by the author, and other readers.

    BTW, @ all… Roger has been modest and hasn’t mentioned his latest commenting done on this recent story at Accounting Today… He has a good one there… I will let him post it here, if he wishes, but in the meantime go have a read….

    IRS Mistakenly Sends Waitress a $434,712 Tax Refund

    And Patric Hale came up with some good suggested awards for Shulman, the guy who claims we have a tax system that is the envy of the world. I am going to take some liberty here, and post them…

    I think Shulman deserves the “Nero” Medal of Honorfor fiddling around while Rome burns; or maybe the “Titanic Navigator Award” for – well, you know….

  23. @Roger, but it is the element of surprise that our desperate neighbour depends on in the FBAR fundraiser. Let the unsuspecting job seeker take that foreign job and wham! lower the boom!

  24. @ Roger, yes, it is hard to believe that the US wants to send workers to Canada, (and that Canada is working on assisting them – rather than offering training for unemployed Canadians to fill the posts). Shouldn’t the IRS use their ‘education’ efforts to alert those US workers about their ‘foreign’ bank account problems BEFORE any penalties get generated – or, just wait until afterwards – and reap the bounty through the ‘enforcement’ on the unwary.

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