Anti-Americanism in Canada

It is difficult to think of another group in Canada in the particular and peculiar situation of Americans
—  J.M. Bumsted

“U.S. persons” in Canada face difficulties that are encountered nowhere else on earth — at least not to the same degree, due to numbers and history and geographic location. A lengthy academic encyclopedia article touches on many strands of the complex web that ensnares American-Canadians. Brief excerpts from most of the ten sections are provided in the appendix below. The existence of that article in that collection was a landmark — a recognition that Americans are in fact one of Canada’s peoples! (By the way, nobody ever refers to an American-Canadian in the routine multicultural obeisances, do they?)

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Of Memberships and Groups

I don’t want to belong to any club that will accept people like me as a member — Groucho Marx

Over the last day or so, on the Press Release Thread, we have seen perhaps the most sustained and extensive comment so far on the topic of what Isaac Brock Society is and who might speak as representative.

To start with, somewhere in the neighborhood of 350 different persons have posted to Isaac Brock Society by now. Not sorry to lose you probably does not want to count as a “member,” but so far represents an almost empty set. There are 29 persons currently listed as “authors.” Daily traffic runs in a usual range of 4000 to 5000 hits a day, sometimes taking a run up toward a 6000 ceiling. It could be speculated that for every active ongoing commenter there are 100 lurkers. Most days bring forth a handful of first-timers.
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The Pale King

Especially since my attention unnecessarily spiralled into the vortex of the latter stages of 2011 OVDI, I have been wanting to read The Pale King by David Foster Wallace. Even without the IRS theme, I would have gravitated in that direction because (1) the book is a sizeable unfinished novel (2) the author committed suicide.

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Breaking Ranks

Beautiful Souls is the main title of a new book that I’ve just finished reading. The subtitle lets you know more of what the book is about: Saying No, Breaking Ranks, and Heeding the Voice of Conscience in Dark Times.

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Relinquishment Report from Hong Kong

USxCanada can vouch for the reliability of the following reporter, personally known for over three decades. This report of no-fee relinquishment in Hong Kong, authorized for release to Brock, is cut-and-pasted from a just-received email. This case provides further evidence that residents of Canada are suffering execrable treatment by the country from which they seek release.
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Two Border Tales

Here are two just-heard stories that deserve a repeat. One first-hand, one second-hand, both from a credible source known personally for decades.

A Canadian-only university professor who has travelled widely (Asia, South America, Africa, Europe) felt disinclined to enter the Bush-era United States, and never did. After Obama, a 2010 flight south of the border. At the destination airport, treated like everyone else on the plane, the Canadian prof got fingerprinted. To round off the indignities, singled out for a full-body scan. No intention ever to enter that land again.

A neighbor of the above reporter, a provincial government employee, crossed the border about five years ago on a day trip, a previously common practice. The US border guard stood by the trunk of the car. When it was opened, the guard accused the driver of striking him with the trunk lid. Four hours of interrogation and harassment followed. Then one guard said to the other, “That should be enough for now.” That Canadian has not crossed the US border since that day.

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