Tertia and Peter

Peter W. Dunn (Petros) grew up in Anchorage, Alaska, and is a scholar of Early Christianity.  While attending school in Vancouver, Canada, he married a Canadian girl.  Afterwards, he studied in England and Switzerland.  After finishing his studies, he settled in Ontario.  He has taught theology at the undergraduate and graduate levels both in Canada and in Africa.

As a result of Heroes Earnings Assistance and Tax Act, he decided to become a Canadian citizen in 2010.  He did so on 28 February 2011 and relinquished his US citizenship on the same day.  He has decided to complete his expatriation forms but not to file FBAR.  While most people have chosen to use aliases for their online discussion, Peter has decided come out in the open about this issue.

Peter blogs at the Righteous Investor and Acta Pauli.

He has written some published articles on FBAR, FATCA and renunciation of US citizenship:

(1) When government turns predator with Monty Pelerin
(2) FATCA: A ticking time bomb for the Economy
(3) No Civilized Country Would Ever Banish Eduardo Saverin

Atossa Abrahamian interviewed Peter W. Dunn for her Reuters article, Tax time pushes some Americans to take a hike.

Peter spoke with ABC News writer, Enjoli Francis: Facebook’s Eduardo Saverin Joins Americans Renouncing Citizenship.

Peter spoke with Canada’s Barrie McKenna, Ottawa, U.S. negotiating change to tax reporting.  Toronto Star’s Michael Lewis cited Petros in his article, Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin’s taxing connection to U.S.-Canadian dual citizens.

Dow Jones columnist, Al Lewis featured Peter Dunn  in his article: Tax man makes it hard to be an American / Commentary: Tough IRS rules hit the little guys hard.

He should not be confused with Pete the Planner, who is the younger, better looking Peter Dunn who also has an investment blog but unlike Petros, is nice enough looking that he can go on television.  Petros has a face for radio (see above–he’s the less furry one in the picture).

At his own blog and here he’s written several useful posts:

He is married with 4 or 5 cats.

Listen to Peter Dunn’s interview with Pete the Planner:


9 thoughts on “Petros

  1. Hi,
    I have read through «renunciation & relinquisment of US citizenship: discussion thread» from january 13 2012 to feb 9th 2012.
    In short my case is as follows: both my parents were canadians and living in Canada. Because they lived near the american borders, my mother gave birth to me on the american side of the border. Came back to Canada on day 4 of my birth. Some 30 years later I asked for my canadian citizenship and got it. It is a white paper date n/a and got the plastic card afterwards dated year 1982.
    In august 1994 I got a US SSN and was issued my american passport on oct 1994. I have never used it and it is well past due. I am still a fed employee and my last oath was sept 13, 1999. I’ve never filed US income tax reports and have just recently came aware of all this nightmare FBAR and the works. I never go in the US (last time in 2008 for 3 days) and even if I have a few reletives there, we don’t visit.
    Have I committed an expatriating act or not according the the above dates ?
    If so, should I then immediately take a «rendez-vous» at the US consulate and relinquish ou renunciate ?
    Thank you.

  2. Thanks.
    I’ve posted the same short story on«ask your questions about renunciation…»
    I would like an answer if possible today or tomorrow.
    Will be back in a few minutes. Must put my cats to bed…

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