What is the Systemic Risk to the World’s Economy….

…if other countries were to copy the US citizenship taxation model as a delusional answer to their current deficit problems?

This is the 3rd in a series by Andy Sundberg, Overseas American Academy, Geneva, Switzerland, 6 January 2012.  Numbers 1 and 2 are here and here

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Bring Back the Money….

Here is the latest that is coming out of DC on territorial taxation that was just proposed yesterday.  Of course, as to be expected, it is Corporation directed in its focus.  They are the ‘super persons’ that get all the attention around Congress these days. However, there is language that is encouraging here. I think we need to be writing Senator Enzi, as he is asking for comments. He is stopping short with his efforts, and these measure should include US citizens residing abroad as well. Regional taxation should be for all, not just super persons! In our letters, we can use many of the excellent arguments Roger has provided us as support.  The bills title should be… Bring Back the money and create more export jobs in the US with Territorial taxation for all!

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